Thursday, 19 June 2008

Day 105 - New Gym Round

A few days after my last PT session last weekend and Im a couple of sessions into my new weights mission.

Focusing on my type 2, type A or whatever those type of muscles are called. Ive learned there are three main types. Endurance muscles, which I have been training for the last few months. These are the ones that you should be able to do your 2 or 3 full sets with. Then there are these type a/2 ones. These you whack the weight up and aim to do between 6-10 reps only. These I have noticed really make your heart race and get you puffing and panting like a dog on a hot day!

Then there are the 'nuclear' muscles. The ones you use when you do your single max rep ones. See.....learning.

Knee is holding up well. Running does not cause a problem but am steering clear of the leg weights for the time being to make sure it does not aggrevate it any more. Bicep is starting to take on a shape of its own. Having never had muscles remotly any where near this kind of definition its a great feeling and I just want to build them up as much as I can.

o what the future holds!


Sunday, 15 June 2008

Day 101 - The Pics are In!

Its good to have milestones along the way. They seem to focus you more on the task at hand and also gives you a chance to see just how much you have achieved. This weekend marked two of those.
The first is, of course, the 100 days mark. Whilst I cannot sit here and say its been a continuous 100 day shred (it hasnt!) its has been 100 days focus on achieving an overall task. Its amazing how long 100 days sound when you say it, but it soon passes and you cannot believe you have actually done 100 days.
The second is the ongoing clothing challenge with the wife, and here we are at the halfway point of the 12 week challenge, here are this pics to prove how far I have come in the last 6 weeks. Secretly, I think the wife is a little miffed as she has conceeded I am in front! Here goes...

First one being the start of the challenge, the second taken today. Bit of a change, eh?

News on the knee front too. While its still sore I have been going down the gym. Not pushing myself too hard as I wasnt too sure how the knee would hold up I went through the motions and was pleased on how it faired. Still sore though, and I have found what I think is aggravating it so will mention at my PT session later this afternoon.

Have decided to go big up top. As im big to begin with, I need to fill the gap with some muscle so will see how it goes.

for now,


Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Day 98 - Beware : Milestone Approaching

Am still resting the Knee as today it is still sore. I can feel the pain getting less but it is stil quite painful. Am missing the gym round at the moment. Its only been 4 days since my last workout but it feels so much longer.

As well as the 100 day mark fast aproaching, so too is the current clothing challenge. I know the wife must be feeling worried as she is really trying to detox. You must understand that she is not starving herself, she knows thats not the right thing to do, but you can feel the tension starting to eminate from her pending the pics at the weekend.

She has tried to get me on a technicality stating that halfway is Sunday and not Saturday. I think she is begging for another day to detox further to gain that extra fraction of an inch. I have agreed, so pic day is now sunday. Gotta keep the wife happy, eh?!

Will see how the knee goes over the next day or so and get back down the gym.

for now


Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Day 97 - Sports Injury

Not much to report from the last few days really. I twisted my Knee during a gym session at the weekend and its been playing real havoc with my training.

Im hoping it will calm down during the week as I have another PT session booked for Sunday afternoon.

Having never really hurt myself through sports, Im feeling quite proud of this one, in a very strange sort of way.

Clothing challenge must be going well judging by the holes I have gone down on my belt. I fastened it where I used to the other day and could not believe the gap between that and me. Real progress!

Half way pics at the weekend and the challenge with the wife continues to hot up. She sha started some kind of detox food thing for the next 28 days. Think shes feeling threatened eh? Pics will be taken and posted on Sat, Day 101, so watch this space!

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Day 92 - Challenge heats up!

First off, I'd like to say a big 'cheers mate!' to Mike Groom. Mike, your comments have always given me the push that I needed, at a time that I needed them most. Your entry on day 213 of your blog really done it. Sit back and watch the transformation. You aint gunna believe it!

Check out Mikes blog for youself at . A great blog and a real motivator, thanks again Mike.

Hit the gym real early this morning and was in just after opening time at 6.30am. Have always done my workout first thing in the morning and before breakfast. Really sets you up for the day.

Am going to start posting every work out I do, to push myself for constant improvements and to share the improvement in my fitness. This mornings went like this...

Treadmill - 3 min walk at 6.5 (Kph I think it is) then run for 7 mins at 9.0
Bike - 1.5 Km as fast as poss on a resistance of 10. Target time 3 mins, this morning was 3.20
Lat Pull (Bicep Grip) 65Kg 1x15
Lat Pull wide grip 55Kg 1x15
Upper back 42.5Kg 1x15
Chest Press 50Kg 2x15
Shoulder Press 22.5Kg 2x15
Stomach crunch with 4Kg medicine ball 1x30 reps.

I will work on some kind of table to upload rather than posting long hand, you will see the change more that way.

The clothing challenge with the wife is hotting up. Next weekend marks the mid point and we will be taking pics as well to show the progress. She has been getting great support from another ShredderSphere shredder Suzette at . This is also really motivating her and the second half of this challenge will be something else!

Watch this space and check out the wifes progress at and have a go at seeing who will win!

For now


Monday, 2 June 2008

Day 89 - A Failure

So much for my last post!

This is the longest I have gone without making a post and I am here to try and redeem myself from the jaws of failure! The results that I got from the first 60 or so days, Im keen to get the same kind of results over the next 60 days.

Hard to believe I started this 89 days ago, thats 3 months! and the sheer difference in my general level of fitness is astounding!

I think I should see the last couple of weeks as a bit of a rest period, and now go hard at it, and blog a damn site more often!

We have the ongoing chlothing challenge with the wife. We are due a half way pic in a couple of weeks and Im determind to show some improvement and more importantly, beat the wife in the challenge!

So, back to the gym first thing in the mornings and lets shred!


Thursday, 22 May 2008

Day 75 - Must Post More

Posting new entries to my blog is something I really must do more of. This lack-lustre approach is starting to rub off and Im not going to the gym every morning as I used too. I do still go but I feel I should be doing more.

The challenge hasnt really taken off as much as I thought it would, Im still going to achieve it, but have less time to do it on so I must charge up the intensity.

One other reason for not posting everyday is that I run out of something to say. I like a post to be in depth and draw you in and get frustrates at short posts. Have you nothing to say?

There, rant over!

Anyway, weights going well at the gym, and an unusual lump has formed on both upper arms. Its curious as they have never been there before and im not sure whay they are. I'll get a photo up to see if anyone can help with the identification of these strange growths.

Running is really coming on, Ive never run so far and so fast before in my life. Still a long way to go but the last couple of months is starting to pay off.

for now